Untitled photo

[image: life size door made of solid beeswax, backlit with sunlight] 

Photographs of people long gone spill from my table into my waiting lap. Remnants of ephemeral lives are held in the material of the moment. I’m spellbound by the mere magic of a photograph. What it is and is not. My works are a tribute to the realms of the unseen, ancestors, memory and time/space/matter. Feeling constrained by the limitations photography inherently holds, I seek to forego papers, chemicals, the two-dimensional plane, and push to re-materialize photography. I use substances that are transient, that fall apart, rip, break, fracture, blow away, melt or otherwise disintegrate. I ‘burn’ instead of ‘print’, and use wax rather than paper. I create through process of destruction, giving another form to the things that once were. I explore immateriality through materiality, the thin places that lead to a greater mystery.

Art Portfolio

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